Paleo Diet and Desi Cow Ghee

Paleo diet and Desi cow ghee :

The paleo diet concept is a new concept for many people out there! And so many questions can arise once you start knowing about it. All kinds of diets cannot be beneficial to an individual. The only way you can the best diet suitable for your body is by following it. Experience says it all, rather than any talks. Besides any controversies or talks, let me tell you about the concept Paleo diet and the role of desi cow ghee in Paleo diet.

What is ghee Paleo? What do you mean by the Paleo diet?

The Palaeolithic or Paleo diet is a natural and essential diet that is used by primitive humans to eat to stay fit and for their healthy and natural survival. All people are advised to take the ghee in either a high-carb diet food with lots of plant food or taken a low-carb diet food with plenty of animal foods.

The actual and basic concept of the Paleo with dairy diet is that you have to eat primarily whole foods. 

For example:

  • You may include the following in your diet like meat, eggs, fish,  cauliflower, fresh coconut,  fruits, nuts, fish,  seeds, herbs like garlic recipe, healthy cooking fat, raw milk, spices, and cooking fats like healthy oils and homemade ghee.
  • You shall enjoy the fatty coffee advantages of the Paleo diet, a coffee prepared with pure ghee. 
  • You may exclude the following from the diet like processed food products, soft drinks, sugar, grains, dairy products, legumes, vegetable oils, margarine, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Paleo diet with ghee

Many paleo dieters preferred to consume food in its most natural state like meat, fruits, and vegetables in abundance while de-emphasizing food that is heavily processed or the product of the feedlots, laboratories. Ghee is a superb source of healthy saturated fats, vitamins, and micronutrients, for the body. 

For more information about dairy sensitivities and lactase deficiency, we have to know about dairy intolerance products. Given these suggestions, many paleo dieters prefer to completely remove dairy from their diet. A paleo dieter always prefers the safest way for both the flavour and many benefits of dairy in the diet, then they’re left with two options: butter and ghee.

Ghee a healthy solution to any alternative

Butter had a majority of the problematic milk sugars and proteins. It can create problems, however, within the case of somebody sensitive to either lactose or casein, but ghee is the very best opportunity for enjoying dairy’s immense benefits with none of the disadvantages. 

Ghee is produced when butter is clarified, measures about amounts of lactose, and casein are removed. The final product promotes a buttery flavour, many vitamins, and stable cooking-friendly saturated fat. The presence of small amounts of lactose or casein can sustain at a level low enough to not cause concern for a paleo dieter.

Ghee is embedded with fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K2, all of which are found in large amounts, when the butter or ghee originates from grass-fed cows. Provides us a broad range of advantages and offers a shortage of lactose and casein. Grass-fed pure desi ghee comes highly preferred as both a nutritious and delicious alternative for any paleo dieter.

What is Paleo diet?

Paleo diet is one of the healthiest method in which you can be benefited with nutritional benefits which works with your genetics to stay healthy, energetic and active. It is basically a modern diet. It is typically included with fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc.

Why Paleo diet?

The main agenda of Paleo diet is to go back to the way of eating that’s more like our ancestors. Scientific researches have proved that consumption of foods rich in monounsaturated and Omega 3 fatty acids helps in the reduction of obesity, heart diseases and cancer etc.

Why should you follow Paleo diet?

You can follow Paleo diet for two reasons –

  • Either you want help to plan your meals.


  • You want to lose weight

What to eat in a Paleo diet?

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fish
  • Grass-fed animal’s lean meat
  • Oils like olive oil, coconut oil etc

What not to eat?

  • Highly  processed food and Refined sugar
  • Salt
  • Dairy products like butter, cheese
  • Grains like peanuts, beans
  • Starch foods like Potatoes

Benefits of Paleo diet

Energy throughout the day

By following paleo diet, one can have ample energy throughout the day as you take in a good amount of nutrients everyday.

Healthy skin

Good diet is directly proportional to healthy and glowing skin. When you follow a diet which has a good amount of fruits and vegetables included in it, even the health of your skin increases.  

Stable blood pressure

Consumption of a good diet is responsible for maintaining a stable blood pressure.

Better weight management

Fats are an essential ingredient for an individual’s body, but when they are controlled it improves to maintain proper weight.

No excess fat storage

When you control the amount of fats, there is no excess fat stored in your body. Thus, it does not lead to obesity or weight gain.

Reduced allergies

Maintaining a good and balanced diet everyday reduces allergies.


Few  ingredients included in the Paleo diet are rich in promoting properties like anti-inflammatory in nature.


Consumption of foods rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fats increases the immunity in the body.

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Desi cow Ghee

For those who have not used ghee or are still believing in the myths of ghee, let me give you a clear picture regarding its consumption and benefits.

Desi cow ghee is basically clarified butter. Ghee is made by simmering butter at a low flame. During this process the milk solids gets evaporated and a golden yellow liquid is remained back. Desi cow ghee has a bold aroma and an amazing nutty taste which enhances the flavour of the food it is added to.  

Is desi cow ghee healthy?

No, organic ghee is surely not harmful to health when it is not consumed in excess. Ghee boosts the mental as well as the physical strength of an individual. Those individuals who have lactose intolerance can also use ghee. Anything consumed in excess causes harm, then why blame just the ghee? The only thing to take care is to eat the best ghee and you can order cow ghee online, no need to waste time searching in stores.

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The studies and researches relating to the benefits of using ghee in a balanced diet every day are increasing day by day. Studies have proved that ghee reduces constipation problems in individuals as it can stimulate the acids in the stomach and help in easy digestion. It also decreases cardiovascular problems; it also acts as an antioxidant which makes it provide a healing effect, as they protect the body from oxidative stress. 

As ghee does not cause any disturbance in the serum levels of the body, it is considered an excellent food in every day’s diet. It also acts as a detoxifying agent in the body and thus it is told that ghee can detoxify cancer causing cells. There are many other health benefits of ghee if counted.

Nutritional benefits

Ghee is loaded with various health benefits by its consumption in a particular amount. Some of its NUTRITIONAL benefits are –

  • Vitamin A, D,E,K
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
  • Butyrate
  • Short chain fatty acids
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You might be wondering what is the importance of ghee in Paleo diet? as I had mentioned dairy products should not be consumed while following the Paleo diet. Let me clear your doubts!

Firstly, ghee and butter are not the same. Its true that ghee is prepared from a dairy product i.e butter. I will tell you, why “the clarified butter” is different from butter! This table will give you a better idea regarding its differences.

Desi cow Ghee Butter
  1. Desi cow ghee does not contain casein and lactose content.
  1. Butter contains casein and lactose content.
2. The smoking point of ghee is higher Than of ghee(450F). 2. The smoking point is low than of ghee  (350F).
3. There are no milk solids present in ghee as it gets evaporated when heated. 3. There are milk solids present in butter.
4. The total fat content in 1 tbsp of ghee Is 5 g. 4. The total fat content in 1 tbsp of butter Is 7.5 g.
5. Rich and nutty 5. Creamy and sweet
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Is ghee Paleo?

Ghee is always debated and has stood in several controversies when it comes to a healthy balanced diet. Technically ghee and butter are considered to be dairy products. But, dairy is not a part of Paleo. 

Nutritionist Kinsey Jackson says that ‘most of the allergens which are found in dairy products are basically lactose and whey etc. They are contained in carbohydrate and protein compounds like the milk solids of dairy, which is not in the fat portion. People with autoimmune ailments prefer eliminating dairy products from their diet.

Everyone cannot maintain the same diet plan. It differs from one individual to another. There can’t be a 100% yes or 100% no for adding desi cow ghee to the Paleo diet. The only positive aspect we can refer to for adding ghee to your Paleo diet is, it’s a versatile food supplement or fat source which is well tolerated by men. It also digests easily. Organic ghee is one of the best food supplements in the Paleo diet.

Besides the debates about whether ghee is a Paleo or not, you will find ghee in the various food recipes involved in a Paleo diet as it not only enhances the taste but also provides health benefits as well. If you want to avoid ghee in your Paleo diet you can, but see to that you add other Paleo-friendly soluble fat like coconut oil. 

Paleo diet also concentrates on involving a good amount of fats in the diet as fat is also an important and essential component for the proper functioning of the body. Thus, it is the main reason that ghee is also prefered to be used by many people in their Paleo diet.

Using ghee in Paleo cooking

Step1 – Get some desi ghee. You can buy desi cow ghee at our online store Look for the international foods aisle with the Indian food and/or the other shelf-stable fats like olive oil, coconut oil. You might also find it refrigerated with butter. 

Once you get the desi ghee, you can use it in Paleo recipes just like you’d use butter or any other cooking fat. It’s particularly delicious sweets and dessert recipes, but it’s also great with protein (ghee-drizzled scallops?) and vegetables (try some broccoli roasted in desi ghee with a sprinkling of almond slivers on top, if you really like the “nutty” aspect of the pure ghee flavour).

Because desi ghee is so highly saturated, it’s good for high-heat cooking. Unlike butter, ghee does not have any milk solids to burn. So, for culinary objectives, if you want some other job that takes super-high heat, desi ghee might be your new favourite fat.


Why Ghee is Paleo-Friendly

Implementing ghee into a Paleo diet can render a sense of elevated energy. You possess the flexibility to improve its nutritional value by further including the vegetables. Although, it is paramount to obtain your ghee from a trusted provider, such as Suresh Foods. Paleo experts prudence against alternating ghee with vegetable oil, emphasizing the necessity of selecting a reputable source for optimum health benefits.

What Butter Is Suitable for a Paleo Diet?

During introduction with the Paleo diets, Ghee sticks out as the preferred alternative for butter. Whether poured into a pan just before baking sweet potatoes or steamed vegies or utilized as a flavorful topping for eggs, ghee goes well with Paleo principles.

What are the Views from Other Paleo Experts ?

According to the experts recommendation, intake of butter only if obtained from humanely raised, grass-fed, organic origins, and you consume the time to clarify it. Butter obtained in such a manner has no considerable downsides, and we endorse utilizing clarified butter or ghee as one of your several added fat sources. Make sure that ghee and clarified butter are similar but not alike as ghee is heated way too long until the milk solids become brown, transmitting a richer, smokier flavor into the butterfat.

Also, ensure the ghee you bought is obtained solely from pure butter, as some brands blend vegetable oil with butter to form their ghee.