Incredible Health Benefits Of Triphala

8 Incredible Benefits of Triphala

In terms of herbal treatments, Triphala is an incredibly efficient treatment approach that suggests dozens of different health concerns, as it has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, antioxidant, soothing, and antiseptic properties. 

Triphala is mostly found in powdered form, with changing concentrations of each fruit in the three-part blend. This powder is often prepared into a rich and earthy tea, and only needs 1/2 of a teaspoon of powder to be infused in one cup of hot water and soaked for 5-8 minutes. 

Due to the popularity of this herbal treatment around the world, it is also encapsulated into tablets, which have a concentrated effect on the body. 

The most powerful values of Triphala (an Ayurvedic herbal powder) involve improving digestion, reducing signs of ageing, detoxifying the body, and aiding weight loss

For consuming it you have to put 20-30 drops of this liquid into a glass of water or juice 2-3 times per day, specifically 30 minutes before going to bed if you are consuming the spice mixture for gastrointestinal issues.

Amazing health benefits of Triphala.

1. Boosting immunity and fighting infections

This trio has the capacity to enhance your overall immunity and cure infections, thereby keeping you away from serious health situations. Triphala effectively acts against pathogens like E Coli and salmonella. consuming this powder every day can protect you from falling sick too often.

2. Protection from dental problems

One of the vital causes responsible for dental issues is plaque buildup. Dental plaque can conclude in cavities and gum problems. One of the best verdicts of maintaining dental problems at bay is regular intake of Triphala. The antimicrobial characteristics of this Triphala herb powder can promote you fight oxidative stress better than any other toothpaste.

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3. Healing wounds and sunburns

Summer season is here and with that the possibility of coming often sunburns and tanning skin. Applying sunscreens and covering yourself is one way to handle it. Another way is the topical use of Triphala. Triphala offers you to get rid of sunburns and wounds naturally and at a faster pace in comparison with the other chemical ointments or creams.

4. Boosts digestion

Triphala is a lusty herb that intensifies the organs of your digestive system. It is useful for you to get your food moving towards your digestive tract. It improves the rate and persistence of stools by creating digestion more impactful. 

The laxative importance of Triphala builds your gut health, thereby essential to your digestive system. Triphala is a good natural laxative and can stimulate you to loosen your stools and enhance bowel movements. 

It is also a good remedy for trusting with IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Triphala helps to strengthen the digestive tract by boosting the number of good bacteria in your intestinal tract.

5. Better management of gastric ulcers

Gastric ulcers can lead to a great deal of discomfort. One of the best natural remedies for better planning gastric ulcers is Triphala. It is useful to strengthen the mucous membranes of the stomach and cure the enzymes which impede the negative impacts of oxidative anxiety due to free radicals.

6. Fights UTIs

Urinary tract problems or allergies or UTIs, in some cases, become difficult to cure due to antibiotic opposition. The bacteria liable for such an infection stop continuing to traditional treatment options. 

In such a scenario, the best treatment alternative is Triphala that possesses the all-natural medicinal values of this herb that can be quite useful in treating UTIs. And the best thing is that this treatment is free from invert reactions and side effects.

7. Better management of diabetes

This all-natural remedy is mostly suggested for better blood sugar levels control in diabetics. Every ingredient of Triphala is considered to be hypoglycemic. These characteristics can be very useful in reducing blood sugar levels, thereby improving the health of diabetics. 

Triphala is known for treatment for patients with type 2 Diabetes. Triphala controls or regulates blood sugar and cholesterol elevation levels in your body. 

The phytochemicals in bibhitaki stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreas thereby reducing sugar levels and improving insulin resistance.

8. Weight loss

When your body starts collecting more fat than what it burns, it leads to weight gain. To overcome this, we suggest Triphala. It flushes out unnecessary fat storage, burns out the fat intake with your food, thereby impelling weight loss

Consumption of Triphala powder can promote you to lose excess weight, especially removing fat collected in your abdomen and thighs. This is useful to maintain a healthy weight and avoids high-risk health issues such as heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and bad cholesterol at bay.

9. Addressing Arthritis and Gout with Triphala

Arthritis, influencing approximately 1 in 6 Indians, is a common prevalent problem, specifically as joint inflammation tends to intensify with the coming of age. Triphala, composed of herbal elements along with potent anti-inflammatory properties, proves efficient in maintaining arthritis and related stiffness. By supporting the elimination of harmful toxins and excesses, Triphala helps to minimize inflammation and delivers relief by curbing excessive uric acid. Such makes it beneficial in handling gout, a critical form of arthritis characterized by painful attacks and swelling, moreover highlighting Triphala’s potential as an aiding remedy for such issues.

10. Blood Pressure Regulation with Triphala (Srotoshodhak)

Blood pressure irregularities most commonly manifest without any symptoms, earning it the moniker “silent killer.” High blood pressure consists of  risk for heart failure, several diseases, and escalates the likelihood of suffering any possibility of stroke, among any other health concerns. Triphala caters as an efficient blood pressure regulator, assisting the maintenance of optimal levels. As reported by the NCBI, consistent consumption of Triphala churna adds up towards the reduction of plaque from blood vessels. Its anti-inflammatory attributes alleviate strain on blood vessels, encouraging smooth  flow of blood and circulation.

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Desi ghee medicated with Triphala powder is called Triphala ghrita. Triphala ghee and Triphala Ghritam are their synonyms as we know the immense benefits of desi ghee. It is an ayurvedic moon as well as healing medicine, which offers advantages in almost all types of eye disorders. 

It lowers the lens opacity, improves eye health, brings clarity, and protects the eyes from various diseases. Triphala is an ayurvedic herbal medication containing three fruits (also known as three myrobalans) in the same proportion. 

Triphala is available in the form of powder (Triphala churna), tablets, and extract capsules. It is a remedy for constipation, losing weight (obesity), reducing belly fat, body cleanses, indigestion, and other abdominal issues.

How to make Triphala Ghrita

For making Triphala ghrita, you first need to make Triphala beverages.

Coarse powder of Triphala Ingredients:
Amla (India Gooseberry) – Phyllanthus Emblica32 Parts (384 grams)
Bibhitaki (Bahera) – Terminalia bellirica32 Parts (384 grams)
Haritaki or Harad (Chebulic Myrobalan) – Terminalia chebula32 Parts (384 grams)
Water768 Parts (9.216 liters)
  1. Take all the ingredients in the above proportion.
  2. Then boil the mixture and apply the heat to a low flame.
  3. Simmer all ingredients until they get reduced to ¼ part (1920 ml).
  4. Then filter the Triphala decoction. Use this recipe for making Triphala ghrita.

After making Triphala Decoction, you need to mix all ingredients of Triphala ghrita.

  1. Boil the mixture until only ghee remains.
  2. Now, wait for a few hours to allow cooling.
  3. Then strain out the Triphala ghrita. With the above ratio of ingredients, you will likely obtain about 600 ml of Triphala Ghee.

Benefits of Triphala ghrita

  1. Prevents abdominal diseases
  2. Improves eyesight
  3. Prevents cataract
  4. Prevents skin diseases
  5. Promotes hair growth
  6. Fights off free radicals
  7. Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients
  8. Eliminates the toxins
  9. Improves immunity and prevents diseases.
  10. Dissolves cellulite and reduces excess visceral fat
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Triphala Ghrita is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal ghee form. This medicine has desi pure ghee as its base element. It is used for preparatory methods for Panchakarma and also acts as ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of eye diseases. 

It is used as a remedy for many disorders and also in a preparatory method called Netra Tarpana for the treatment of eye diseases. 

This traditional home remedy has a great impact on health as the vital ingredient is organic ghee which possesses inflammatory properties and is Incredibly beneficial for skin problems. To make this Triphala Ghrita solution you can buy ghee from our online store: